Goti Soda Batli Foda Song: A Fun Song Based in Hostel Life

The poster & teaser of upcoming Marathi film ‘Boys 2’ has excited the audiences & especially the huge fan following of the prequel! In the first film, we saw ‘Boys’ having fun in the school & now they are all grown up & all set for their college life.

Usually, we know that it is a norm in many college hostels that the senior students rag the juniors! But this song, ‘Goti Soda Batli Foda’ song completely turns the norm on its head as we see our ‘Boys’ who are juniors ragging the senior students! This song has a flavor of naughtiness that will instantly connect with today’s youth!

Written & composed by Avadhoot Gupte, who is also the presenter of this film & sung by Adarsh Shinde & Rohit Raut, ‘Goti Soda Batli Foda’ song promises to be Marathi’s answer to ‘All Izz Well’! ‘Boys 2’ releases on 5th October & promises to be twice as entertaining as the prequel!