Majha Agadbam Trailer: Trupti Bhoir is Twice as ‘Agadbam’ as the First Film!

‘Agadbam’ starring Trupti Bhoir as a good-hearted overweight woman was a surprise hit a few years back. Now the sequel is all set to entertain us. The trailer definitely looks fun & tells us that it’s gonna be twice as funny as the first film. Trupti Bhoir looks even more convincing in her character now & the backdrop of wrestling makes the film unique in every way.

Subodh Bhave too seems to be playing an altogether different character. It would be fun to see how the chemistry between Subodh’s & Trupti’s characters works out in this film. This film promises to be a laugh riot for sure, & Marathi cinema has missed a truly comic entertainer in a long time now.

Majha Agadbam’ seems to be a film that might surpass its prequel in terms of popularity & following! Trupti Bhoir has herself produced & directed this film!