Loose Control Trailer: A New Age Situational Comedy!

Though some would call it a sex comedy or an adult comedy we feel the film looks first & foremost a situational comedy. The subject of the film looks very much suitable in today’s times. The performances look good.

Manmeet Pem, Kushal Badrike, Shashikant Kerkar & Bhau Kadam all look in top form. After the success of ‘Boyz’ this genre seems to be very bankable for Marathi cinema. It would be interesting to see if the film goes in the depth of the subject & the trailer hints us that there’s a possibility! Manmeet Pem would certainly be the main attraction of this film & after giving an intense performance in last year’s ‘Kachcha Limbu’!

The film releases on 23rd February & the songs & the trailer of the film are already catching the fancy of younger audiences & they are trending on the social media too!


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