Lathe Joshi Trailer: Are You Ready to Upgrade?

Mangesh Joshi directorial & presented by Amol Kagne Studios, ‘Lathe Joshi‘ is an award-winning Marathi film that has impressed the audiences worldwide in different film festivals. Now it’s set to release in theaters on 13th of July. The trailer of the film is now out & gives a nice idea about the film’s subject.

In today’s continuously changing world ‘Lathe Joshi‘ tells the tale of an ordinary Lathe Machine worker ‘Joshi’ who struggles to keep up with the changing times. His mind is still invested in an old machine like ‘Lathe’. The world has moved on, it doesn’t need such old Lathe machines & neither does it need a Lathe worker.

Joshi’s son & wife have readily adapted to the change, but Joshi himself finds ‘upgrading’ difficult. He seems dumbfounded & clueless. Even spirituality has adapted to changing times, as we see Joshi’s mother taking the blessing of a distant goddess through the internet. Joshi’s boss looks at Joshi as an artist, & not just a worker. Joshi feels good about it. Maybe this implies that in the race of ‘upgrading’ we’ve lost the ‘art’ in our life!