Lalya Song: This is what Dr. Ghanekar’s ‘Lalya’ Represented!

Ever since the first teaser of ‘Ani..Dr. Kashinath Ghanekar’ came out the dialogues of ‘Lalya’ a character Dr. Ghanekar portrayed have again become popular among the audiences. The way Subodh Bhave says ‘Kadak’ has already become so iconic! Now a full fledged song dedicated to ‘Lalya’ has been revealed!

The character of ‘Lalya’ represented a free spirited carefree attitude that the audiences of those times found fascinating! Moreover Dr. Ghanekar too lived with a similar carefree attitude in his life! This song captures the essence of that carefree attitude perfectly!

Penned by Sachin Pathak, sung by Nakash Aziz & composed Rohan – Rohan this song introduces both ‘Lalya’ & Dr. Ghanekar in a fun way! The film also stars stalwarts like Sonali Kulkarni, Sumeet Raghavan, Mohan Joshi, Prasad Oak, Anand Ingle & others in iconic roles of stars & personalities from the golden age of Marathi theatre. ‘Ani..Dr. Kashinath Ghanekar’ hits theatres this diwali on 8th November!


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