Kiran Kulkarni vs Kiran Kulkarni Trailer: Fresh comic premise!

Subodh Bhave upped his reputation and popularity by a few notches, courtesy Katyar Kaljat Ghusli. There was no doubt about his acting skills but Subodh’s direction of the film left everyone pleasantly surprised. So, needless to mention, film enthusiasts keep a close watch on what Subodh does these days. After Bho Bho and Bandh Nylon Che, he is ready with another film called Kiran Kulkarni vs. Kiran Kulkarni and the trailer of the romantic comedy film is out.

Kiran Kulkarni Vs Kiran Kulkarni is written and directed by Kanchan Adhikari who has made films like ‘Manini, Don Ghadeecha Daav, Mokala Shwaas’ before. The film certainly seems to have a fun premise. Kiran Kulkarni (Kranti Redkar) plays a con woman who is expert at forging credit cards. She shops and enjoys her life by swiping other’s credit cards. Then the trailer introduces us to another Kiran Kulkarni (Subodh Bhave) – an office going straight forward man whose credit card is apparent being misused by the lady Kiran. Then we are given a glimpse of a murder taking place in a pub in which the lady Kiran is involved. She has used the credit card in the pub through which money is getting used from of our man Kiran’s bank account. The police start investigating our man Kiran as the police thinks he was in the pub as his credit card details are shown as used. The lady Kiran is involved in some fishy matter and a gunman is chasing her. Our office going Kiran finally manages to locate, the con woman Kiran and goes to confront her. And at the same time the gunman reaches there. The two then are shown on the run as the gunman is chasing them. The two Kirans are later shown bonding with each other on the run.

All in all, Kiran Kulkarni vs. Kiran Kulkarni looks like an enjoyable film with a premise that is fresh for Marathi cinema. Both the actors Kranti and Subodh are capable enough to carry the film on their shoulders. So, here’s wishing the film releases in the theatres soon.


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