Itemgiri’s ‘Sanam Bedardi’ is a Qawwali that Celebrates Lost Love!

After the first song ‘Chitta Haravlay’ that was about falling in love, here we present to you another song from upcoming Marathi film ‘Itemgiri’. A song that celebrates the sad feeling of lost love. And which other music genre can suit this film than ‘Qawwali’.

Written by Pradeep Kamble, Sung & composed by P. Shankaram ‘Sanam Bedardi’ is an interesting variation of ‘Qawwali’ by imbibing the Marathi flavor to it. The video too is shot at a Masjid which brings even more relevance to the song. The film & the song both stars Hansraj Jagtap & Dhanashree Meshram & they emote really well in this song.

Moreover this song also seems to be a part of the narrative of the film. Hence the complete video gives us an insight into the film & tells us about an important stage in the film. Atumgiri is love story based in the rural scenario that’ll soon be releasing in theatres.


सनम बेदर्दी कव्वाली,