Hirkani Trailer: Slightly Underwhelming but Promising

Hirkani‘ is Prasad Oak’s second film as a director after the critically acclaimed ‘Kachcha Limbu’. The film stars Sonalee Kulkarni in & as ‘Hirkani’. A small folk tale from the ‘Swarajya’ time is coming to life through this film. The film mainly centers around a mother and her fight against all odds to protect her child.

While the trailer does make us feel that there is enough authenticity in the world built in the film. But also it keeps a lot to be desired in terms of the ‘thrill’ that is expected from a story like this. More so it feels since the basic folk tale is pretty basic there will be things added to bulk up the runtime of the film.

Moreover the quality of VFX used in the film will also contribute in the overall impact of the film. However it seems the audiences feel truly connected with the film through the trailer as one can make that out from their positive reactions to the trailer. ‘Hirkani’ releases in theatres during Diwali on 24th of October!


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