Gulabjaam Movie Teaser: Looks To be a Tempting Delicacy!

‘Gulabjaam’ Written & directed by Sachin Kundalkar of ‘Vazandar’ & ‘Rajwade & Sons’ fame stars Sonali Kulkarni, Siddharth Chandekar & ‘Food’ in lead roles! Yes the actual hero of the film is food & the subject seems to be the love for food & cooking! This little teaser itself tempts us makes us feel hungry. Imagine what the entire film would make us feel!

The film is also backed by Zee Studios now & is set to serve us in theatres from 16th February. If you remember the opening sequence from Sachin Kundalkar’s last film ‘Vazandar’, it was also so beautifully representing the director’s love & passion for food & filming food. While then it was more focused on western foods this teaser looks closer to our Marathi food culture!

It would also be interesting to see how Siddharth Chandekar & Sonali Kulkarni’s characters bond with each other & in which form, though this teaser makes it clear that the reason for their bonding would be the passion for cooking & food in general.