Damlelaya Babachi Kahani gets a video!

Damlelya Babachi Kahani is arguably the most popular song by the lyricist-composer duo of Sandeep Khare and Salil Kulkarni. The song expressing the turmoil and the helplessness a Father feels towards missing being a part of his daughter’s childhood as he is busy working, invariably leaves people teary-eyed. The touching song wasn’t really released as a video when it was composed. But now it is part of a film by the name of the song itself.

The video of the song has Sandeep Khare, the lyricist, himself playing the damlela baba. Sandeep has worked in a marathi film called Bioscope before, so he has had acting experience and it shows that he is natural at expressing his own words. The song traces the journey of the father right from when his daughter was a baby to her wedding day. You can notice Sandeep’s hairline receding as the time passes by. The video otherwise has a very TV serial like aesthetic.

Nevertheless, a popular and vivid song like this deserved a video and it finally has one.


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