Boyz 2 Trailer: Double the Fun, Double the Naughtiness

While ‘Boys’ one was a laugh ride, Boyz 2‘ promises to be a twice as exciting as the prequel. The three boys are now in college & they are continuing their antics in the hostel of the college even with the seniors. After a long time, we are seeing a proper college film in Marathi. A genre that is very much close to the youth audiences.

The overall canvas of ‘Boyz 2’ looks bigger than the prequel. The locations & the songs of the film look lavish & reflect great production values. The surprise package in the trailer was Girish Kulkarni’s part! After his villain’s role in ‘Faster Fene’ Girish Kulkarni seems to be continuing his swagger in ‘Boys 2’!

This film promises to bring back your memories of the fun you had in your college or hostel days! And if you are currently a student then ‘Boyz 2’ becomes even more relatable & should be seen with your whole college group as the fun of the ‘naughty’ dialogues of ‘Boyz 2’ is meant to be enjoyed with our friends!