Aasmaan Ka Song: Nazuka The ‘Agadbam’ Superhero

Our very own Nazuka who won our hearts in the superhit entertainer ‘Agadbam’ is back now with the much-awaited sequel ‘Majha Agadbam‘. Actress Trupti Bhoir who portrayed Nazuka in the first film is again reprising her role in the sequel & is also director & one of the producers of the film. And this time she stars opposite Subodh Bhave.

This unique song released in the ‘lyrical’ form re-introduces Nazuka as a superhero of some kind! Usually, fat characters are subject to comedy based on fat shaming in films, but this ‘Agadbam’ franchise has completely redefined the portrayal of fat characters in our films! Even the song says that people are fond of big things in life in all walks, but they have a problem with ‘big’ people & they either fat shame them or lecture them about health.

‘Majha Agadbam’ is also an important film for the use of prosthetic makeup that is used by Trupti Bhoir to become ‘Nazuka’. It is a commendable achievement for a Marathi film. The lyrics of this song are penned by Mangesh Kaangane, the music is composed by T Satish Chakravarthy & sung by Apeksha Dandekar & Ajivasan Kids Choir!