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Baapmanus – Zee Yuva Serial

TV Serial : Baapmanus | बापमाणूस Also Known As : Bap Manus Zee Yuva Marathi Serial Producer : ASanjay Bhagwat Zankar, Gaurav Avinash Ponkshe ...

Marathi Film ‘Dhondi’ to release on 9 June

The film Dhondi will be releasing on 9 June. The film stars late Vinay Apte in an important role thus making it a last...

Sonu Nigam to sing Two songs for Upcoming Marathi film ‘Cheater’

Singer Sonu Nigam is one more addition to the non Marathi singers making waves in Marathi music industry. He is not new to Marathi...

Gondan (2014)

  • Producor : Ashish KesKar
  • Director : Vineeta Pimpalkhare
  • Release Date : September 12, 2014

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