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Fandi (2018) – Marathi Movie

Movie : Fandi (2018) | फांदी Producer : Rajendra Ashok Kharkar, Sayali Shashikant Patankar and Mahendra Govind Somase Director : Ajit Maruti Sable and...

Tea Seller Turned Filmmaker’s Fandi in Theatres from 20th of July

Lots of youngsters aspire to be actors & in that hope they reach Mumbai! But very few of them manage to make their dreams...

Athang Review : Poor acting spoils inventive storytelling

Review : Athang (2016) Producer : Chandru Tilwani and Milind Gawali Directer : Milind Gawali Star Cast : Tanvi Hegde, Smita Shewale, Milind Gawali, Amit Dolawat, Pooja Nayak, Bhushan...

Athang (2016) – Marathi Movie

  • Producer : Chandru Tilwani and Milind Gawali
  • Directer : Milind Gawali
  • Release Date : 29th January 2016

Actor Milind Gawali directing and producing ‘Athang’ movie

Actor Milind Gawali is mainly known for Hindi serials Campus, Parivartan, Mano Ya Na Mano’, Hindi movies Waqt se pehle, Chanchal, Hum bacche Hindustaan...

Sutradhar Marathi Movie releasing On 30th August

A Terrifying Drama from the World of Crime – Sutradhar.. Several films based on the theme of the world of crimes and the police department...

Sutradhar (2013) Marathi Movie

Movie : Sutradhaar (सूत्रधार) Produced by : Vinod Ramesh Patil Directed by : Pratik Kadam Cast : Chinmay Mandlekar, Vinay Apte, Alka Kubal-Athlye, Aditi Sarangdhar,Sushant Shelar, Purva Pramod, Aby Fizardo, Bhushan Ghadi, Nayan Jadhav, Poonam...

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