Zee Marathi’s Lagira Jhala Ji Completes A Century; 100 Episodes!

Shitali & Ajya Lagira Jhala Ji

Zee Marathi is Maharashtra’s leading Marathi entertainment channel & it has consistently given fresh content to the audiences. The newest sensation from Zee Marathi has been the Satara based serial ‘Lagira Jhala Ji’. The story of Ajya, Shitli, Raulya, Vikya, Jaydi & all others has connected so well with one & all the rural as well urban audiences.

On 19th August 2017, ‘Lagira Jhala Ji’ completed 100 episodes! Along with ‘Tujhyat Jeev Rangla’ & ‘Lagira Jhala Ji’ Zee Marathi has initiated a new trend in Marathi entertainment. That of shooting the serial in the real place where the story belongs to! With ‘Lagira Jhala Ji’ they even took it a step further by casting actors from that region itself.

The lead hero of the serial Nitish Chavan (Ajya) too comes from the Satara/Sangli region which makes his performance even more authentic. We’re sure ‘Lagira Jhala Ji’ will keep on their great form of entertaining the whole Maharashtra from many hundreds of episodes.


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