The Pune Rap is an Audio-Visual Treat with an X-Factor!

Rap songs are in trend & everyone’s doing it! So why would Marathi artists stay behind? However among the contemporary rap singers who sing in Hinglish, English or Punjabi, there are very few who actually are skillful & show real artistry in their work.

Guess what? This Puneri Rap is among those very few genuine rap songs of recent times! Shreyash Jadhav (The King Jd), Jasraj Jayant Joshi & the rest of their team have truly gifted us with a genuinely well written, composed, sung & video graphed song. Lyrics written by Vaibhav Joshi capture the true Puneri ‘X-Factor’ & are the strongest suit of the song.

The video of the song is beautifully shot &is nowhere less than an international pop or rap music video. The director of this video Sujit Kumar is also the choreographer here. The other craftsmen that include DOP – Manish Bhatt, Editor – Faisal Imran, Costumes – Nakshatra Devadiga & Saniya Deshmukh also need a mention as all their contributions are visible in this fantastic video. Congratulations to the whole team & we hope they’ll soon be back with another Marathi Rap!


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