What is it to be a True Shivbhakta? Watch ‘So Called Shivbhakta’!

Very recently we witnessed a beautiful film made to propagate the true vision of Shivaji Maharaj. But ironically today’s politics is working on exact opposite values & there are people who are using Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s name for their benefits.

However, a true Shivbhakta understands this ugly side of politics. ‘So Called Shivbhakta’ is a beautiful little short film that deals with this subject. In this short film, a few members of a party/group are discussing their intentions of using the brand of Shivaji Maharaj for their personal benefits & rivalries. But one of them is a true ‘Shivbhakta’ & gives them a nice reply.

Watch this short film to know how does a true ‘Shivbhakta’ reacts to all this. This film is directed by Gaurav Shukl & he is also the cinematographer & editor of this film. It’s produced by ‘Kaasar Films’ & the screenplay-dialogues are written by Kiran Patil & Nayan Patil. The short film stars Sandeep Ahirrao, Sandy Sandanshiv, Sagar Pardesi& others.


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