Shimga Teaser: The Most Special Festival of Konkani Manoos

In such a rich history of Marathi cinema very few times, we have seen the culture of Maharashtra’s very own paradise ‘Konkan’ being represented & explored! The ‘Shimga’ festival in Konkan is of utmost importance & there are countless religious & cultural activities that take place during it. Now finally we have a Marathi film titled ‘Shimga’ that is set in Konkan & where the festivals seem to be an important backdrop to the story.

The teaser of the film that stars Bhushan Pradhan, Rajesh Shringarpure & Kamlesh Sawant has truly captured the essence of the festival & also seems to have incorporated ”drama’ into it. It would be interesting to see what exactly is the plot of the film.

The beautiful locales of Konkan, the iconic ‘Konkan Railway’ all have found a place in the teaser. From the times of ‘Gomu Maherla Jaate ho Nakhwa” to the recent “Gaaz Yeta Go” there have been iconic songs set in the Konkan backdrop. So again there will be hopes from Shimga’s music which is composed by popular music director Pankaj Padghan.



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