Rampaat Teaser: A Full On Ravi Jadhav Entertainer!

Ever since Ravi Jadhav’s ‘Rampaat‘ was announced the audiences where eagerly awaiting to know more about the film. Like many times before Ravi Jadhav has again collaborated with Zee Studios for this film. After giving countless hits like the ‘Timepass series, Balak Palak, & Natrang Ravi Jadhav & Zee have again come together to entertain us.

The teaser of the film is out now and the film feels like a total masala entertainer which is about dance! And of course there also seems to be a love angle! The actors who are playing these characters have been kept a secret in this teaser as we can only see their backside! The song used in the teaser is like a rap song which too is new for Marathi cinema!

Ravi Jadhav has both kinds of films, one which are extremely socially relevant & have moral statement to make like ‘Nude‘ & ‘Mitra’ while he as also made pure entertainers & sometimes he has married both the styles in films like ‘Balak Palak’ & ‘Natrang’! With ‘Rampaat‘ it would be interesting to see which side does Ravi Jadhav turn to! No matter where he turns we are sure he would succeed in it!


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