Morya – Marathi Song – Daagdi Chaawl Movie | Ankush Chaudhary

Moraya: A new song from Daagdi Chawl

Dagdi Chawl, a film by Chandrakant Kanse has already created high anticipation among audience. The film has recently released its first full Marathi song ‘Morya‘ on various social media. Written by Mandar Cholkar and composed by Amit Raj, the song praises lord Ganesh in various ways. The song is sung by Adarsh Shinde with his perfect voice filled with devotion and commend for this elephant-headed God.

The picturisation of this song has been done typically with a Ganesh procession and Dholtashe, Gulaal and dashing Ankush Chaudhary singing this song. However, halfway through the song some dramatic events are shown where some people come to this procession with knives and swords to kill the hero. At the end of the song, the hero just vanishes from the scene. What happens next… we would really like to know.

The song surely becomes a turning point in this love story centered on Mafia don’s den. We would like to see this film after watching this song for sure..


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