Kaljat Ghanti Vajte Song: About First Love and Lust!

Party‘ releasing on 7th of September is a film about friendship! Set in the less complicated world of 1990s, the new song from the film ‘Kaljat Ghanti Vajte’ explores the feeling of first love & lust at the same time. Many a times we have seen ‘lust’ showcased in films in a very typical sleazy way.

Here the character of Rohit Haldikar who is attracted to an older married woman is not showcased in that age old way. In a way this song celebrates both feelings of love and lust. Lyrics penned by Guru Thakur are very catchy & surely today’s youth will keep singing this lines all the time. Composed by Amitraj & sung by Nihira Joshi & Amitraj himself this song has a very distinct flavor to it.

The film stars Suvrat Joshi, Akshay Tanksale, Prajakta Mali, Stavan Shinde, Rohit Haldikar & Manjiri Pupala in the lead and it captures the love & drama between friends. It also tells the story of friendship in more depth as it also focuses on what happens to friends over a period of time & how their priorities change once they get a job, get married, & have kids.


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