Halad Lagli Marathi Song – Nagarsevak Movie

Halad Lagli from Nagarsevak is lacks a punch and good choreography

Remember that dance number from Satya- Sapno Me Milti Hai. We bet you will remember the same song after watching Hald Lagli from Nagarsevak. Two side actors dancing on a wedding song, hero and his girl are looking at each other with that doe-eyed romance, local politician entering the wedding hall with all his shaan, dream sequence of our hero and then at the end some fast dance beats and someone beating up are happening simultaneously. All from the Satya song and used as a template for this song.

Priyanaka Nagare and Shyam Thombre are the dancing Jodi of this song and they fail miserably. The dance steps, rhythm and mood even the lip syncing is not proper. The Jodi does not have any striking chemistry and the typical Bollywood style choreography becomes very mundane. Upendra and Neha, the lead pair of the film keep looking at each other, but the very bad editing makes those somber romance moments very sketchy and ultimately it becomes unintentionally funny.

Music is by Dev Ashish and lyrics are by Bipin Dhaigude. The use of typical Hindi words gives a very bumpy effect to the song as it is neither traditional wedding song nor a contemporary song. The music lacks a punch and yet it will be surely become a favorite wedding song for the upcoming wedding season.


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