1909 Marathi Movie – A Fiery Episode in Freedom Struggle

Several revolutionaries sacrificed their lives during the independence struggle of India. It was an inspiring era to forego all the material pleasures and joys their lives may offer them otherwise to wage a war against the British Empire of the colonial rulers. Scores of such revolutionaries went about setting up number of glorious pages of inspiring sacrifices by bequeathing even their lives during the battle against the British for the noble cause of winning the independence. A significant and yet ignored young revolutionary martyr among these committed youths was a dashing Marathi radical called Anant Laxman Kanhere.

Akshay Shimpi - 1909 Marathi Movie
Akshay Shimpi – 1909 Marathi Movie

On 21st December, 1909, at his tender age of nineteen, Anant Kanhere gave a serious blow to the British rule in India by successfully assassinating Jackson, the District Collector of Nasik, at the Vijayanand Theatre located there. This was not just a happening of a single day. The factors like why was Jackson targeted, the reasons of his elimination, the preparations made for achieving the objective and above all the psychology of all those who designed that conspiracy were extremely important. That entire realm of time in itself was tremendously charged with a passionate love for the motherland and a Marathi feature film, ‘1909’, that unravels the details of that sensational era is coming soon.

The film ‘1909’ has been produced by Shree Venkateshwara Movies International in order to acquaint the next generations with the significance of the sacrifices made by the revolutionaries of those times and to preserve the lasting memory of the great sons of this motherland like Anant Kanhere, Krishnaji Karve and Vinayak Deshpande. Producers Ajay Kambli and Abhay Kambli have produced this film. A remarkable aspect of this film is that all the characters portrayed in it are acted by deserving but unknown actors instead of deploying a fleet of the experienced and proven actors who already make headlines. Dileep Allam is a co-producer of this film.

So far, the character of Anant Kanhere remained confined to the textbooks of children or the works of history. The challenge of bringing before the newer generation, the spirited defiance shown by Anant Kanhere in assassinating a high-level British officer at the young age of nineteen, has been met successfully by the director of the film, Abhay Kambli. Anant Kanhere was inspired by the legacy of Sawarkar brothers and Madanlal Dhingra. The entire sequence of events related with how he successfully carried out the conspiracy to kill Jackson with the help of two of his other associates viz. Krishnaji Karve and Vinayak Deshpande for which all these three revolutionaries were hanged till death on 19th April, 1910 shall be brought before the audiences through the upcoming Marathi feature film, ‘1909’.

Art director of the film is Ashwin Vanjare whereas Music has been composed by Pradeep Vaidya. Cinematography has been handled by Ram Allam whereas his associate has been Imtiaz Bargir and the costumes have been designed by Vijay Dhere. New and unknown actors like Akshay Shimpi, Shrikant Bhide, Rohan Pednekar, Shreenivas Joshi, Shubhankar Ekbote, Chetan Sharma, Amit Vaze and Sushil Inamdar have played the roles in this film which is soon expected to be released for the Marathi audiences.