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    1. Namskar sir.. me pratiksha rane.. mala ya karyakrama madhe bhagh geyacha aahe.. mala on line form bharyacha aahe.. tumchi ji side aahe ti me chek keli pan ase form nai aahe.. mala idea nai aahe.. tar plz tell me sir…

    2. Ramat Ravan is a must watch film. i’ll give 4 stars. nice songs. Kailas Kini has done a fab job. from where can I get his wallpapers. please send his wall papers on my Email. Best of luck RR. & kailash i’ve become a huge fan of urs. gud going.

    3. This serial I sooooooo much like
      I love in this serial “‘ Rava and Aboli ‘” cha rectories
      My wises 4 this programm
      Love ly family is showing
      Again I soooo love munnnnnnnchaa!!!!!!!

    4. Sir m swagat from roha-raigad.
      Sir mala aajcha jo show zala tya madhe ji kalyanchi jya muline vadilan varche stage performance kele te mala majya E mail id var plz send karal ka mala te tumchya site varun dnld karta yet nai. Plz sir pkz plz plz plz. . . . . . .m waiting u r Ans. Plz sir tine je performance kele ahe te apratim ahe. . .so plz m requst to u plz send me this video (HD-VIDEO) PRIENT plz sir

    5. बॉलीवुडमध्ये शिवाजी महाराजांच्या जीवनावर चित्रपट काढायला पाहिजे असे तुम्हाला वाटते का..?

      आपल्या या धर्मनिरपेक्ष म्हणले गेलेल्या देशात राजा अकबरावर बॉलीवडमध्ये चित्रपट निघतात मग आयुष्यभर स्वराज्यासाठी खपणाऱ्‍या स्वराज्य घडविणाऱ्‍याएका शिवाजी महाराजांच्या सारख्या योद्ध्यावर का चित्रपट काढायला कोणी धजत नाही..?

    6. hi

      i am fan of Ambat God Serial, all characters perform OUTSTANDING, one of the serial attract auodiance must watch for STAR TV

      so pls do not change Characters

      your fanS RITESH MUKUND PARAB and my Family

      i waiting your reply

    7. Madam, Namaste, I got Project of Brand Ambassador For Jewellery Show Room in Gujarat, One Nav Wari Saree With Jewellery for Maharashtra, One Hindi Comedy Drama, One Gujarati Movie, Kindly send me your Port-Folio & Bio-Data on my Mail )r Contact me on my Mobile. Sanjay Mehta, ( Film Stars & TV Stras Co-ordinator for Stage Shows, Movie, Serial, Modelling ) Mob: 09920433722 / 07208112296 Mail :

    8. HI, KETKI I LIKE U VERY MUCH. I AM SERICE ABOUT U IN MY LIFE. U R SO STUNNING OWESOME PERFORM 2. U keep up ur good work and all the best for future. I WANT 2 MEET U PLZ SEND ME 2 Ur home address, i am come 2 mumbai and u give me ur autograph

    9. Great movie based on script well written that HE She does NOT deserve any mention on main screen views at all! jai marathi new gen next cinema too!”mee and m ine” film..rajwade ji..sudhara jara!share honors..esp in a film all about script writing creativity and genius of it all!! Unlearn..

    10. Film makes most fall in love with LOVE” indeed..well worded..saw it today at fast so taut yet a modern routine day in lives of four Lovers..two who are yet to find true stay divorced..and due to ”strength” of true love the heroine who has it in HER the most GETs her guy!But Chinmay Kelkar or any script writer of this quality script deserves More credits on main screen titles..which inspires young how a creative work like a script emerges..rajwade ji you were NOT true in this aspect not as large hear the film showed us..

      • सध्यातरी ह्या कार्यक्रमात सहभागी होण्यासाठी काय करावे लागेल ह्याच्ची माहिती आम्ही देऊ शकत नाही, त्याच्यासाठी तुम्ही ईटीवी मराठी पहा, आणि आम्हाला माहिती मिळाल्यानंतर आम्ही आमच्या संकेतस्थळावर देऊ, तसेच आमच्या फेसबुक पेज वर देखील देऊ…..

      • सध्यातरी ह्या कार्यक्रमात सहभागी होण्यासाठी काय करावे लागेल ह्याच्ची माहिती आम्ही देऊ शकत नाही, त्याच्यासाठी तुम्ही ईटीवी मराठी पहा, आणि आम्हाला माहिती मिळाल्यानंतर आम्ही आमच्या संकेतस्थळावर देऊ, तसेच आमच्या फेसबुक पेज वर देखील देऊ….

      • सध्यातरी ह्या कार्यक्रमात सहभागी होण्यासाठी काय करावे लागेल ह्याच्ची माहिती आम्ही देऊ शकत नाही, त्याच्यासाठी तुम्ही ईटीवी मराठी पहा, आणि आम्हाला माहिती मिळाल्यानंतर आम्ही आमच्या संकेतस्थळावर देऊ, तसेच आमच्या फेसबुक पेज वर देखील देऊ…

      • सध्यातरी ह्या कार्यक्रमात सहभागी होण्यासाठी काय करावे लागेल ह्याच्ची माहिती आम्ही देऊ शकत नाही, त्याच्यासाठी तुम्ही ईटीवी मराठी पहा, आणि आम्हाला माहिती मिळाल्यानंतर आम्ही आमच्या संकेतस्थळावर देऊ, तसेच आमच्या फेसबुक पेज वर देखील देऊ



      • सध्यातरी ह्या कार्यक्रमात सहभागी होण्यासाठी काय करावे लागेल ह्याच्ची माहिती आम्ही देऊ शकत नाही, त्याच्यासाठी तुम्ही ईटीवी मराठी पहा, आणि आम्हाला माहिती मिळाल्यानंतर आम्ही आमच्या संकेतस्थळावर देऊ, तसेच आमच्या फेसबुक पेज वर देखील देऊ…….

      • सध्यातरी ह्या कार्यक्रमात सहभागी होण्यासाठी काय करावे लागेल ह्याच्ची माहिती आम्ही देऊ शकत नाही, त्याच्यासाठी तुम्ही ईटीवी मराठी पहा, आणि आम्हाला माहिती मिळाल्यानंतर आम्ही आमच्या संकेतस्थळावर देऊ, तसेच आमच्या फेसबुक पेज वर देखील देऊ…..

    12. खूप खूप हार्दिक शुभेच्छा….
      मला या स्पर्धेत सहभागी होण्यासाठी काय करावे लागेल.
      कृपया मला या बद्दलची माहिती मला कळवावी हि विनंती.

      • सध्यातरी ह्या कार्यक्रमात सहभागी होण्यासाठी काय करावे लागेल ह्याच्ची माहिती आम्ही देऊ शकत नाही, त्याच्यासाठी तुम्ही ईटीवी मराठी पहा, आणि आम्हाला माहिती मिळाल्यानंतर आम्ही आमच्या संकेतस्थळावर देऊ, तसेच आमच्या फेसबुक पेज वर देखील देऊ.

    13. खूप खूप हार्दिक शुभेच्छा….
      मला या स्पर्धेत सहभागी होण्यासाठी काय करावे लागेल.
      कृपया मला या बद्दलची माहिती मला कळवावी हि विनंती.

      • सध्यातरी ह्या कार्यक्रमात सहभागी होण्यासाठी काय करावे लागेल ह्याच्ची माहिती आम्ही देऊ शकत नाही, त्याच्यासाठी तुम्ही ईटीवी मराठी पहा, आणि आम्हाला माहिती मिळाल्यानंतर आम्ही आमच्या संकेतस्थळावर देऊ, तसेच आमच्या फेसबुक पेज वर देखील देऊ..

    14. खूप खूप हार्दिक शुभेच्छा….
      मला या स्पर्धेत सहभागी होण्यासाठी काय करावे लागेल.
      कृपया मला या बद्दलची माहिती मला कळवावी हि विनंती.

    15. मी आता पर्यंत तीन प्रश्नांची उत्तरे पाठवली आहेत. एकदर कितीप्रश्नांची उत्तरे द्यावी लागतील

    16. हार्दिक शुभेच्छा….कोण होईल मराठी करोडपती मध्ये सहभागी होण्यासाठी काय करावे लागेल.

    17. Respected Sir, kripaya ek sandhi dya mazi manapasun echha aahe KBC MARATHI madhe bhag ghenyachi aani mala knowledge pan khup aahe parntu sandhi milun rahli nahi tari aapn ek sandhi denar ashi asha thevto.

    18. mi daily answer send karit ahe 3 days before mala etv/khmc team kadun phone ala mazi sampurna mahiti tyani ghetali mi machine war 3 question chi uttare dili ahet but pudhe kay karayache he mala kalvile nahi mala 2 or 5 april sathi available ahat kay vichare mi availabe ahe ase sangitale..please mala pudhe kay karayche te mobile or gmail war kalvine..good day

    19. Respected Sir/Madam, Mazya jeevnat first time sandhi aali aahe, TV
      channel var chya programme madhe bhag ghenyachi, 3 prashnanchi uttare
      dilee aahet. Pude kai zale ani kai process aahe te jarur sms kara. anni
      bhag ghenyasathi please ek sandhi dya. Dhanywad. Dharmpal Birle, Pune

    20. Respected Sir/Madam, please give me one opportunity to participiate in programme. Last time i give three question answer. First time this opportunity for me. Thanks.

    21. mala 24 march sunday la phone ala hota, mazhi detail mahiti ghenyat ali ani nantar 3 prashnanchi uttare barobar dili, tya nantar tumchi prakriya purna zhali asa awaj ala . parantu tyanantar mala audition sathi date ani add sathi call kela nahi. please mala karan sanga. maza no,


    23. mya dhule shaharat ratoki mi tar lay motha fan tumacha i love sir khup icha aahe tumcha samor basu aasi sachin sir majhi paristiti far kharab aahe sir majhe nav kapil

    24. any one getting cll through KBC for 1st round plzzz tell me becz my brother getting cll but only said that he is sort listed and giving another information related to 1st round in after 2-3 days but no any cll is recived. so plzzz any one getting the cll so tell me………plzzz

    25. Firstly, congrats for this great concept of starting the Marathi version of Kaun Hoil Marathi Crorepati. I suppose all my answers were right, hence I was called for audition on 5th April, 2013 at 7.00 am at Ravindra Natya Hall. But, unfortunately, on the 4th evening I got a call from the channel not to come for audition. I suppose due to some misunderstanding!

    26. mrinal madam ….. aatach z 24 vr tumcha program pahila .. tyacha vishay khup aavdala. mi ya picture chi vat pahate ahe.. tumhala v tumchya team la pudhil vatchali sathi khup khup shubhechha… shubhada kelkar

    27. Thank God this reviewer is saying it like it is. Only when he says “respected director like Amol Palekar” I wonder if he’s seen his last 4 films which are so pathetic they don’t deserve to be called films.

    28. hi im swati I like ur actind mr.ashutosh in gandh fulancha gela sangun.wish u all the best for this drama serial.bye god bless u.khar tar mi ek kavita lihli ahe tuzasathi pn sadhya study ahe mhanun. nantar nakki send Karen.

    29. ह्या प्रोग्रामचा मूळ हेतू काय आहे ते समजत नाही.गरिबांना करोडपती बनवा.जे आधीच करोडपती आहेत त्यांना काय गरज आहे करोडपती बनवण्याची.हा मराठी माणसांच्या मनाशी खेळ आहे.

    30. कालच “अनुमती” पहिला…

      नवऱ्याचे आपल्या पत्नीवरील प्रेम, तिला आजारातून वाचवण्यासाठी त्याची
      होणारी घालमेल, नात्यांची गुंफण दाखवणारा उत्कृष्ट चित्रपट … विक्रम
      गोखलेंचा अभिनय तर अफलातून..
      एकदा अवश्य पहा…

    31. तुमच्याकडे दिप्ती चे फोटो असल्यास ते पोस्ट करा.

      त्या माझ्या आवडत्या अभिनेत्री आहेत.

      मला त्यांचा आवाज आणि डोळे खूप आवडतात.

    32. To,
      Dhanashri Kadgaonkar,

      I am really saying from my heart that, Your simpleness is make you beautiful.
      When you wear our traditional sarees, so you looking like a queen of beauty.
      My congratulation to you for your bright future.
      God bless you.

      From your a fan.

    33. kash I love you so much. I see the episode just to see you. You are so hot so beautiful so perfect woman I have ever seen… me tuza khup khup motha fan aahe… I like your sexy smile too…

    34. His position in “the family”, his anticipation and reaction in any situation make this character more like ShriKrishna in Mahabharata. and name “Keshav” suits perfectly to this character. I think serial should be called Keshav than Durva.

      and yes Harshad’s acting is also excellent.

    35. शाळा या मराठीमधील सर्वात यशस्वी चित्रपटा च्या यशानंतर चित्रपट निर्माते सुजय डहाके यांनी एक नवीन प्रयोग करण्याचे ठरवले आहे. खर तर मराठी चित्रपट हे त्यांच्या नवीन कल्पना आणि नवीन विषयासाठी नेहमीच आकर्षणाचे केंद्रबिंदू ठरत आलेले आहेत परंतु “आजोबा ” हा या सर्वांपेक्षा हटके चित्रपट असणार आहे .

      चित्रपटाचा विषय थोडा हटके आहे. भारतातील वन्यजीवांच्या -हास आणि त्यांची कारणे यावर प्रकाश टाकणारा चित्रपट.

    36. He is the best among the young actors. Superb balanced sensible acting and equally amazing looks. His way of acting is not over the top, nor subdued. Its terrific combination of both. He is always a pleasure to watch : )

      • I have done my B.E. in Electronics and would like to say that its good that inspite of doing Masters he hasnt joined IT or other field. Else industry would have lost out on fab talent. Am simply amazed by his portrayal of “Shri”. The only serail I watch is this and the only reason I watch is him.
        He is damn good.

    37. I have done B.E. in Electronics and wud like to say that its good that inspite of doing his Masters, Shashank didnt join IT or other field else industry would have lost out on such fab talent. Am completely amazed by his portrayal of “Shri”. It s the only serial I watch and he is the only reason I watch that serial. He is too good : )

    38. The serial is superb. Only the character of Durva is little unrealistic in today’s world as we would not find character like her. Also the acting of Ruta is hopeless and a great minus point of the serial. Hats off to acting of the others.

    39. tejashri, great, simply you are great, aajchya episode madhye tumcha aani vadilanchya shot madhye tumcha abhinay jabardst aavadla, “bhayankar aavadla” he vakya ehte yogya vatat nahi. best of luck.

    40. Hiiiiii Shri, I would like 2 tell u dt I never used 2 watch marathi serials at all, bt u did it yaar, u made me to watch….. I LOVE U …….really u justified ds roll of shri, i jus watch it 2 see u, Plz n don’t cry dear, it make mee 2 … i know its jus a script mang,,,,bt still don’t, I am ur big big bigeer biggest fan…I dooun hv much knowledge abt actng bt u r d best…. keep smiling always

    41. TV serial Honar soon me hya gharchi is really very nice serial. I love Tejashree. Shashank is best lifepartner for her. we wil see Tejashree marry with Shashank in real life also. Both are cute and made for each other. God bless them.

    42. हसून हसून खुर्चीवरून पडायचे बाकी होतो… जबरदस्त सिनेमा आहे… सर्वांनी एकदा तरी पहाच नाहीतर एका उत्तम कलाकृतीला मुकाल !!!

    43. Tejashri & Shashank – You both are simply doing wonderful acting which touch our heart in ” Honar soon..” After a long long time I m seeing such a marvelous and clean acting from actors like you, after Gregory Peck in “Roman Holiday”. With all the best wishes and with a hope to see both of you in such a romantic role in future, too. God bless both of you ! …. Anil Koditkar

    44. Aaj hi serial pahnyacha shevtcha divas..mahit nahi konachi katha ahe…pan khrach atta javlchya mansala surprise detana, support kartana khup bhiti watat rahil..hyach sagal shrey Director ani Katha lekhkala…Sorry to say this..

    45. Tejashree, tumhi mala khupch avadlat… tumchi acting mala khup jast avadli …. tumchi aani Shree chi jodi tar khupach chan aahe :) me tumcha ek pan episode miss karat nahi. 8 vajaychya adhich mala tumchya serial chi hur hur lagleli asate,kadhi ekda ghari pohchto aani Z marathi lavto ase hote mala 😀 me tar chakk ek tumchya sarkhya disnarya eka mulichya premat pan padlo ethe 😀 …. sry pan tumhi mala khup jast avdlat :) ashich chan acting karat raha :)….. keep it up… & All the best for ur future life :)

    46. I am in love with the serial Honar soon. I am watching Shashank for the first time and am absolutely in awe. He is good looking, charming,soft speaking and a great actor.
      Now that I found him I will see all of his other serials. This is the only serial which has kept my interest going. I simply love watching him.

    47. Hi , you are a gr8 & very very actor. Ur are such a genuine person. I dont watch much of serials bt i have started watching ths serial n nver thought of such a gr8 actor in marathi industry. U rock & kip rocking.God bless. Gud wishes


    49. u r simply gr8 & amazing superb actor dear. U perfectly fit into the character, a true gentleman & genuine person. U rock so kip rocking. Belate happy birthday dear!!!!!!!
      lots of luck & wishes.

    50. HI…..Its a very good serial…. Eka parikathesarkhi aahe…
      Baghayla khup awadta…. All characters have given good justice to their role…
      All the best… Shree u have done a good job…. Like watching you…

    51. hey “shree” u r so handsome yaar.. and ur acting is too good… i love it.. tejashree and ur chemistry on screen is superb.. honar soon.. madhye evdha chhan disto ki me fakt tuzya sathich hi serial pahate…..

    52. i don’t like what is right now going on in MALA SASU HAVI………..
      what r u doing writer, director………and stupid characters of all men, every time confused,no one is strong, we can’t see this types of character in real life…. why need to show this much tress,confusion, here we see the serial our BP goes high- how can some one allow this types of situations in our home…….
      i request to director to change the writer……show some good relations…inspired stories….. or give me chance i will write some episodes…or else stop this serial.

    53. Mhaje mann tuje zhale is morally corrupting…In Indian culture where
      teacher student relation is considered sacred one this is certainly not
      acceptable…We should try to convey good morals to young
      generation not such unacceptable things….mass media has lot of effect
      on young minds so this is definitely not what parents want for their

    54. Jabbardast…. superb…. utlimate…

      Sai… superb….jara vajan kami kar.. ajun chhan dischil….
      Urmila… too cute… dolyat pani aal tuzi acting bahun.. mi kadich radalo navato attparyat….
      DSP… ankush…. mastch….
      Baki gang…. tuzi mazi yari b…. geli dunayadari….

      jagat bhari.. Duniyadari… 10/10…

    55. mi ataparant khup marathi serial pahilya ahe pan tumachi hi serial mi fakt eka karanamule pahate ……….fakt tujhamule becoz……….. i love u shree i wish ki mala tujhasarkha ch husband milava tu ani janhavi majhe ataparantche saglya jast favorite couple ahat


    57. Marathi Chitrapatala tasech Malikela milalela pratham god aani nirmal chehera. Tasech abhinayala samjoon sawroon prekshakacha lakshavedoon ghenari abhinetri. Keep smiling it improves your face value.

    58. Shruti, you are a amazing combination of beauty and high power packed performance. I am sure you will rock and take the Marathi and Hindi Film industry by storm. you have it in you to become all time popular and successful actress of this era. Mat god bless you and fulfill all your Dreams.

    59. Tejashri, your performance as Janhavi is awesome! Janhavi is the ideal model for today’s generation but your display of that role is amazing. Your expressions in tense moods ,particularly your Tone in such situations touch our hearts. Great performance in the Best role in your career!!! Keep it up!! All the Best!!!

    60. hai, teju tu sarawana bhular ghalun rahili aahe,teju tuzhasarkhi mulagi devani pratekacha ayushat dyala pahije,teju tujhe aai wadil khup laki aahe, tuzhya sarkhi mulgi tyanni janmala aanli,tuzha mala marthi mulagi mhanun mala tuzha abhiman aahe.

    61. Honar Suun Me hya serialmadhil sarvach kalakar chhaan ahet agadi Anil Apte suddha apali chaap sodto ani asha veli Digdarshakane Mama he eak boring patra anun kay milavale ? To vinodi nahi tar Acharat ahe. Konkanatil Dashavtari Natkamadhil Sankasur pan etka acharatpana karit nahi. kadi serial lokpriya jhali ke Digdarshakachya dokyat hava jate ani to bharkatat jato hyache uttam udaharan mhanje ha mama

    62. Honaar sun me ya Gharchi serial was going so good before the entry of her mama. why it was necessary to put this kind of character. we thought after his zoal-zal in purchase of ornaments Janhavi or her father will come to know this & they will take correct action but it went more and he theft her neckless given by aaji in front of everyone this is un-digestible. now every one from my family lost the interest of watching this serial. Now days no body is such a big full that paying such a big bill for ornaments nobody talks for it. Otherwise those ladies ( 6 mothers) talk so much but about this they don’t and Aaji otherwise is very caring for shree now why didn’t she spoke with Janhavi and why she don’t want to do khara / khota. please correct the situation we loved this serial so much and want to continue. most of the people has the same opinion like us.

    63. i find him very cute & sweet….!! the way he has potrayed himself in ”honar sun mi hya gharchi’ tv serial is outstanding!! i personally feel that this type of guy is always wished by every girl to be in her life!! i love you shashank… <3 you are the most cute person i have ever come across!! stay up with this….. <3

    64. ya movie madhe kas pratek shabd ani bhav varsha ujgavkaranch last dialogue. khup chhan ritya dakhavyat alay hi movie me 6 vela pahiley ajun bagayach man kart. he movie bagatana mala majhya gf chi khup athavan yete.

    65. The director / story writer – lost the control over the serial, only looking at the TRP they want to increase the number of episode – Exit declared by Rohini Hattangadi – is a good decision, The serial was doing so good – however – introducing – MAMA – looks like [ after visiting temple – directly you or on the “Ukirda ” ] Even in the families of the criminals – they do not behave like this in the marriage functions –
      It is better to stop at this stage .

    66. I like the serial very much, we enjoyed it with all family, its intresting and differrent from the others story, Specially The ca rector of Rangnathrao Jethte is very good Actor very genuinely he played the roll

    67. i didnt want janhvi mother in her life after the marriage she is very boring and irritating. and also please bring aji in this serial again becoz she is very supportive to her family, and let janhvi and shree be very happy in there life

    68. Aplya ajjila (Bhagirathibai) tichya payala mithi marun mafi magat asatana tuzya cheheryavarche niragas bhav itke, mhanje itke avadle mhanu sangu, ki tuzya prematach padale ki re mi. ……. sandhya aajji

    69. Tejashree di..U r d awsum Actress..bhari acting kartes.. n kalun aanand zala ki tuz janhavi ch charecter jass dakhvly tashi ch tu real madhe pn ahes. nehmi ashich raha.. purn maharashtra chi favourite couple aahat tumhi.. of course khush asal ch ya success mule. pn aamhala tumhala i mean Tejashree n Shashank la real life madhe pn life partner mhnun baghaychy.. jashya tumchya reel life chya couple la maharashtra ne accept kel tass ch real life chya couple la hi kartil.. teva maharashtra chya ya favourite couple ne yacha vichar karayla harkat nahiye. but yea decision is totally urs. It is just a wish. tumchya vr depend ahe tumhi ti wish purn karta ka? n by the nahi mhntl tari tumchya lagnachya episode madhe tumch lagn zalyat jama ahe. each n every paddhat tumhi follow keli ahe. Takes madhe 47 fere zalet. ajun ky have?
      Ok Let it be. All the very best for ur future. N yea Happy Diwali also..ur luck is always there with u but still…Good luck..(Y)

    70. hey!!!!!tejashri ……mi tujhi khup khup khup motthi fan aahe and not only me but almost all are just crazy about you and you know tu khup khup cute disteys….kiti pan kautak kela tari khupach kami aahe…you know khup divas aadhi mi poster pahilela tevha mi khup khush jhali ka mahitye???because you and shashank are going to come in dombivali savitri bai fule 2 nd nov….tula mahitye….mi suddha dombivli tach rahtye and mala kharach tula bhetaycha….khup apeksha ahet gaa…kash majhi hi wish purna hoil….even mi fb var tula message lihla aahe!!!please please read kar naa!!!mi and majhi aai just crazy about you!!but there are certain problems due to which she can’t come…but i will surely try to come…..chal ajun khup bolaycha ahe pan ajun lihla tari shabd kamich asnar….byeeeee :)waiting for you and shashank also!!!!!! :)

    71. I never
      Watch Marathi films as they are Village oriented only.. 😀 Being a Marathi man I hate Marathi actors..
      But When I saw movie “Shala” I was so shocked by seeing the acting of
      those kids… I must say that those child artist were best… Shala became my First
      Favorite Marathi movie.. later I saw “Satarangire”… I was stunned by the acting of those
      actors… Movie story was so good…
      Then Watched “Balak Palak” which was a good movie with Fab acting by Children’s…. Later on It was a time for
      “Duniyadaari” It was d only
      movie which made me felt so Proud & Whenever someone now speaks that
      Marathi movies are not that Good… I suggest them to watch
      “Duniyadaari”…… yesterday
      only I saw “Time Please” Time
      Please is a perfect combination of – Good Looking Actors (Expect Siddharth),
      Great Direction & Rocking Music….
      This movie has a normal day life story but the direction & the
      acting of this movie bound me with its flow….. It is again one of my favorite Marathi
      film.. It is good that now a days
      Marathi film industry is not making Rural area oriented movies but they are
      going far away from it.. Which is a good thing.. Please remove Makarand Nanajpure from Marathi
      films as he is such a loud & “Gavathi”.. I hate seeing him in
      Films… New comers in Marathi industry
      are fabulous…. Movies like
      “Shala”, “Duniyadari” & “TP” are most
      welcomed & entertainers…..

      • @YoYoSameer:disqus,Sorry to intrupt,first thing i want to tell is that plz write spelling correctly which u made mistake while in writing of Except Siddharth jadhav,,n he is also nice because of his acting,,,and actor is recongnised by his acting and not by his look,,,,so keep it mind,n next onwards dont dare to talk like gavthi n all,,coz we are gavthi n we proud to be gavthi,,,,n thanks for watching marathi movies,,,which is the best,,,,n better,,

    72. प्रिय शशांक, तुझी मालिका “होणार सून………घराची” ही मालिका आम्ही दोघेही नियमित पाहून,
      परदेशी असलेल्या मुलाला भेटल्याचा आनंद घेत आहोत.आजच लोकसत्ता मध्ये तुझ्या व जानूच्या

      ठरत असलेल्या लग्न्नाची बातमी वाचली. खूप आनंद झाला. ही बातमी खरी होवो हीच ईछा.
      अरविंद आणि अरुंधति गाङगीळ , संगमनेर.वय,

    73. Hi तेजश्री/शशांक

      आज बुधवार च्या लोकसत्ता मधील बातमी खरी असेल तर पाहिल्या १-२ episode
      नंतरच मला जे व्हावे वाटत होते ते होतेय असे वाटते.झाले तर the best च !!फक्त एक
      सांगायचे म्हणजे जर लग्नानंतर नाव बदलणार असतील तर ते इंग्रजी “S “वरून ठेवले तर
      त्याचा खूप चांगला अनुभव येईल !तेव्हा please

      एक Fan

    74. I like u as an actor as well as a human being.if ur values are same like shree then its good foe ur future.u have a bright future.Looking handsome .u r rocking as an actor on Tv now as u have followed by adolescent group as well as in adult.

    75. Hi Teju ru so very nice & Tejasrhi me attapariyant hi malika baght navto parantu tai ne hi malika lavli astana mi chotasa bhag bagitala tya madhe tu & tuzi mavsi devachi puja kartani tu kahi bolali ki dev ha maza mitra …….to bhag mala avdala …
      All the Best ……. to u..

    76. Different Kind of Marathi movie…..Really great and successful attempt of cricket commentary for narration…..
      Like to see such experiments in the future……

      Congratulations to entire team.

    77. Hi Ketaki i and my family members are vry big fans of you and ur serial ,
      u look vry stunning in saree beautiful owesome, pls keep up ur good
      work and all the best for future. keep smiling………………….

    78. Let the serial continue with Shree and his family ( 6 mothers and Jaanvi) without too irratating charaters i.e. jaanvi’s mom and Jaanvis mama, just increasing the episodes and making it boring with these characters will loose viewers interest..:)))))))

    79. Let Shree and Jaanu live a happy and peaceful couple life with their ( 6 mothers- yes ajji should be in the serial), let jannvi’s mother and mamma be out of her life and let the serial continue with happiness and cheerful day to Jaanvi and Shree after their marriage and let the Aai’s all be happy with both Shree and Jaanvi as earlier they were with Shree Aai Aaji should be strong and stop the corruption being done y Jannvis mother Aai which is stupidity.

    80. Julun Yeti Reshimgathi…Nice serial…Girish Oak, Sukanya Kulkarni, Uday Tikekar have acted very well. New comer Aditya ..hero is performing well…heroine is bit lagging acting. Will continue to watch…I specially liked acting of this Duo..Oak N Tikekar…n later is this serial…

    81. Eka Laganachi Tisari Gosta..Please evadhya changlya serial chi waat lavu naka. kahi thikani khup balish secenes ahet tey baghna ashya hoata. for example: ishacha doctor kade janyacha scene when her hand is broken……… please ase scenes naka ghalu serial la tyachi garaj ahe asa watat nahi.

    82. wow
      Me punayat Shikalo thitech kahi varsh ajob kela

      atta barodala ahe.
      pan Spruha ni punha ekada mazya Punyatil soneri divasanchi athavan karun dili

      are ho rahilch , Shubhangi ur excellent yaar, tooo good, tu tar kahi episode madhe kay kamal keli ahes, tu suddha Spruha etikiach atishy sunday ani paripurna abhinetri ahes.
      Jai Maharashtra.

      Vilas Sonwane

    83. Hello , Janu you are very perfect wife Shree and he is a perfect match for you and really tell you that I never miss your seriels regulary and also I watch at 7.OO am and in the afternoon at 12.30, Thanks and keep it up.


      • sunder ahe serial … i never watched serials, never followed any, but this is so different so refreshing… mala vatta meghna ch je role ahe te sadhya shant ahe, nanter ti khulel, she look utter gorgeous, and may be great actress too. As aditya would say “thoda vel jaudya hoil sagla bar” 😀

    85. i hate this serial ..
      hw can u show all this stuff..
      mulicha jabardasti lagna karun dyaycha this all leads to parents accepting forced marriages are good…
      this is new generation pls stop making such serials make something good which will benefit some how to the people rahter than promoting stuff like forced marriages…
      forced marriages are nothng but society approved rapes

      • that is your view. but what shown in the serial is also correct. parents do have the right to decide what is gud for their children. based on their experience. only issue is that meghna shd have told aditya before marriage,,,

      • I think parents do think from all angels , specially if he is financially stable , family background etc.

        i had similar exp , but in my case i was engaged and later on that girl ran away as she had an affair with a guy who was already married . now she is in complete mess ,

    86. the serial start was promising .. excellent acting from Uday Tikekar, Girish Oak, Sukanya Kulkarni etc.. aditya desai is also gud. but acting and expression of meghna is not upto the mark. may be it is script’s demand. but from 2-3 episodes,the things are stretched beyond our patience. character of megna is very confused. she is not clear what she wants. aditya is shown with lot of submissiveness and patience which is not practical in these days… anyways , if the things are not improving in next few episodes , will stop watching it..

    87. i hate these critics, i think they don’t understand wat mass audience wants from cinema, i jus loved the film and i think this is one of the best films after long time for marathi cinema, instead of en cashing on emotional issues like shivaji maharaj, mi kakanashtha , and lokmanya tilak, it is something funny which brings even non marathi crowd to theatre, i went with my 4 non marathi friends and we all had a great time, so plz stop criticising gud work

      • you forgot funny movie ‘ Khar sangu khot khot’ before released TP. It was a very funny movie to must see Marathi film lover…lagta hai aapko sirf love ke hi picture acche lagte hai…nahi tar Marathi madhy kiti tati vividh vidhyanvar changle chitrapat nighle aahet..

    88. I think the reviewer of Timepass movie, has never fall in first love….The movie is realy nice and have good story.
      It will realy make you lough and will make you rethink on love…Must watch..

    89. I disagree with the review. However I did not see Balakovo Palak or Shala before. Movie in first half was very funny, yes 2nd half should have been reduced by atleast 20 minutes. must watch and agree with viewer review on TOI.

    90. What is in this movie ? Is it better as it is a teenage love story ? This is not today’s love.. now a days girls only find boyfriends who have money to spend on them…dialogues are explicit like tujhya tondat hagto..( I will potty in your mouth).. is it good ? No respect to aged people or parents is highly appreciable by audience…seem they like it…seem this is our Indian culture….the movie is only running housefull because of college students…movie is no viewable with family…is this today’s Marathi cinema ? where are the days of Mahesh Kothare, Sachin, Ashok Saraf etc….seems Marathi audience changed their taste…good to bad….lage raho…asech cineme kadha aani deshala bighdava…batalkar anki jast hou dya….Mahila Adhikar aahat kuthe…dole zakle ka tumche…aamche sanskrutiche rakshak kuthe zoplet………chalu dya…ham bolega to bologe ki bolta hai..

    91. Jari tya movie madhe Dagdu madhe aslya kahi vait savayi dakhavlya aslya tari premat padlya nantar to kasa sudhru lagto.. Kashya changlya goshti shikto hech ya movie madhun dakhvnyacha prayatna spashta disun yet ahe.. Shevti mulgi sodun gelya nantar tyacha badla na ghenya aivaji kiva vait vichar na karta to swatachya truti kasha sudharel yacha prayatna karu lagto, he hi spashta disun yete..

      Shevti pratyek goshti tun kiva chitrpata madhun changlya goshticha bodh ghetla pahije, na ki vait goshtinch he apalyalach samjla pahije na..

      Tyamule ya chitrapata madhun kahi hi vait sandesh, jat ahe asa vatanyach kahi karan ch nasav..

      Asa mhanayla gela tar barech bollywood chitrapat pan yetat jyat kahich kathanak nasta ya viruddha vait goshtinkadech kal janari kathanak astat, pan tari tech lok far avdine pahatat tyatun bodh ghya mhantat..

      Yapeksha jar Marathi chitrapat shrushtit kahi navin ani pragati kade paul padnarya goshti hot astil tar tyacha anand ch manava nahi ka.. Hasta hasta hi kahi shikta yet yacha anubhav gyava..

    92. good movie, remind me of my school and college life and my first love.
      you can not forget your first love. The movie has so much innocence to
      watch and the acting of everyone in this film is superb. When i came
      out of the theater, I was laughing and memorizing my own school and
      college days. I immediately downloaded song “mala ved lagale premache”
      and listen continuously 15 times. The main part about this movie is
      that lots of non Maharashtrian crowd was there in the theater, i myself
      gone with one of my non Maharashtrian friend. I hope the generation of
      this era will bring back the glorious days for Marathi Cinema. Well
      done Ketaki, Prathamesh, Ravi and entire cast of this film.

    93. time pass movies ne maharastala ek navin zalali Aali Aahe Aaple Avdte kalakar laxmikant berde , ashok saraf , mahesh kothare , sachin ,makarand anaspure Pan Aaplya Aavdta kalakar laxmikant berde Aaj Aaplya barobar Nahi Aahe he Ase Kahi kalakar Aahet ki maharastachi shan Aajparyan Aahe Pan time pass movies 3 january 2014 cinema holl khup full Astanani preshkanchi movies pahayla evdhi cinema holl full hote ki tiket milat navti evdh manje ki ha jo time pass movies ne Kahi veglech manje ya movies madhe jo prathmesh manje Dagdu madhe aslya kahi vait savayi dakhavlya aslya tari premat padlya nantar to kasa sudhru lagto.. Kashya changlya goshti shikto hech ya movie madhun dakhvnyacha prayatna spashta disun yet ahe.. Shevti mulgi sodun gelya nantar tyacha badla na ghenya aivaji kiva vait vichar na karta to swatachya truti kasha sudharel yacha prayatna karu lagto, he hi spashta disun yete.. As kahitari ya movies madhe Janvte Pahile jivan Aathvate As kahi ya movies madhe khup Kahi janvte time pass ya movie madhe parthmesh (dagdu) ha marathi boltana je kahi comedy honar Ase ya movies madhe je sabdh bolla Aahe khup chat prekshkana khup Aavdlet Ani ketki Tar khup manje ticha badal kahi shabd suchena zale evdhi khup rol kela Ahe ya movies madhe tanxx ketki And prathmesh

    94. Marathi serials were never watched at my home as I come from Muslim family even though language was not a problem .But I started this serial and now everybody is Liking it and I like acting of Aaditya most and all are doing justice to their character.Thanks JYRG Team for being ice-breaker.

    95. hi Shree..Hi J


      you both are really ideal couple of small screen. I am so happy to nknow that you both have decided to play life partners in real life too. our (bhopalkar) best wishes to both of you…

    96. jai bhim. yesterday i saw fandry. i like very much. realistic story of teen age love. 100 marks to all team. end is very effective. Mr Mangule is great. Direct the great picture no common. apka mangal ho.

    97. As per my opinion “Maze Man Tuze zale” is a best serial in all respect like Story, Direction, Technical aspects, Dialogue delivery, acting of all key actors like Role of Shekhar, shubhra, her mother and Aaji except Shashikant Desai. In the serial he has been given the role like joker. Many times his entry irritate us. At last there is one request if you dont have much material to extend the serial then close in time instead of spoiling the test of viewers.

    98. It is ridiculous to see that the Math Professor and a Writer with nickname Kabir use to ask how to get love of his wife from not only from his student but from a Tea Stall owner Rajani. I think Director and writer of this script lost their track and they don’t have any material to extend the serial. I advise both of them if you dont have any thing further then closed the serial or continue it with beautiful ways as you shown in past.

    99. Fandry is best movie, directed best all original situation show in social castisum. best song of ajay atul, best acting somnath, rajeshwari, and kishor kadam and all is best. because this real story.

    100. Hi Tejashri and Shashank!!!!!!!!!!!………
      I and my friends love u both as a couple in a serial and also in real life.We wanted to see u a real life couple and this wish came true so thanks…When we understood tht ur getting married then really we wanted to come in ur marriage and see u.U both are so beautiful we really like u.Its my dream to meet u atleast once in my life.Love u so much and God bless u both……Have a bright,prosporous,happy life…………Love u both soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

    101. I just love the serial JYR. Even though the storyline may be similar to a movie, what is different in this serial is how it flows, how they discuss problems, how they enjoy festivals, how they actually depict the true scenario in every home. Sukanya Kulkarni’s performance is stunning, so natural and genuine. Meghana’s mother is apt for the role of a timid woman. Each and every episode depicts true life situations. I really applaud the director for putting light on the petty things in life which we give second priority. Great show.

    102. In this serial meghna’s adu was seen her and her husband in their wedding. And now adu nagarkar dont realising her husband. He is making friendship with him. How stupidity they have shown in the serial.

    103. hi tejashree u are so beautiful and cute,ur acting is so natural and good,i am ur big fannnnnnnn, my dream to meet u specialy and stop sirial ‘H S M H G’ best luck for ur next future, plz yaar meet me,byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

    104. saglya marathiteel god,salas,halwya,ekun ekach image madhe rahnarya , ani hyana gheun kaam karnarya tya directors ni FANDRY picture baghwa ani shikawa, ki picture kasa asawa. bagha ani shika. ani jara marathi flim madhe marathi ganich thewa, nastil tari chaltil nahitari sadhyachi marathi gani kon eiktoy. karan gana marathi ahe ka hindi tech samjat nahi.

    105. jar tilach heroine banvaich hota, tar mag ha tv show kashala kela, ashich ghetal asta tari challi asti. nai tari tila yacha agodar anek wela serial,marathi shows,anchoring kartana bagitlay. sagli faltu giri ahe.