Dil Dosti Dobara Title Song : Full On Fun in Goa!

मित्रांसोबत गोव्याला जाऊन धमाल करण्याचा प्लॅन हा ज्यांच्यासाठी 'खयाली पुलाव'च राहतो अशा सर्व दोस्तमंडळींना हे 'दिल दोस्ती दोबारा'चं गोव्यात शूट झालेलं टायटल ट्रॅक समर्पित करत आहोत ! #DilDostiDobara Swanandi Tikekar Pushkaraj Chirputkar Amey Wagh Suvrat Laxman Joshi Pooja Thombre Sakhi Mohan Gokhale

zee marathi 发布于 2017年3月20日

Goa is a symbol fun, Masti, & Dil Dosti! Many of us are always planning a trip to Goa to get away from our hectic life. However, very few times our trips go according to the plan, most of the times we either cancel the trip or postpone it for so long that it’s almost cancelled.

Zee Marathi’s Dil Dosti Dobara team is not like us! They are actually having fun in Goa! Don’t believe us? Watch this new title song video of ‘Dil Dosti Dobara’ shot in Goa! Yes on real locations & while having real fun! This video is beautifully shot & truly represents the soul of today’s youth & their special love for Goa.

Dil Dosti Dobara has truly lived to our expectations. It has garnered lots of love from the audiences & the canvas of the show has been increased too. This video speaks volumes about it! So keep watching Dil Dosti Dobara for more dosage of fun & friendship only on Zee Marathi & Zee Marathi HD.


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