Shreyash Jadhav’s ‘Veer Marathe’ Rap Song is Rocking the Internet!

A few days back Shreyash aka (The King JD) released his second Marathi rap song after ‘Pune Rap’, the ‘Veer Marathe’ Rap song. This song is an tribute to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj & the great history of Maratha empire.

The ‘Ek Maratha Laakh Maratha’ slogan too gets a proper song form in this unique Rap song. The Marathi audiences & Shivaji Maharaj lovers have showered lots of love on this song. It has gone viral on the social media & is currently the most popular Marathi song.

Previously the Rap genre in India was restricted to Punjabi & Hindi but now this new initiative by Shreyash Jadhav has opened the ‘Rap’ genre for Marathi singers. More & more youngsters are sure to follow King JD’s footsteps now. Shreyash Jadhav is singer, rapper & lyricist of ‘Veer Marathe’ & the music composers are Harsh, Karan & Aditya (Trineeti Bros).

And for this fantastic video we also need to mention other credits like director & choreographer – Sujit Kumar, DOP – Kedar Gaekwad & Editor – Faisal Imran.


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