Painjan Song from Zhala Bobhata- a Sairat version!

After a blockbuster film like Sairat, it was pretty clear that we will have similar themes and songs in the upcoming films. After watching “Painjan” from Zala Bobhata, the same thought will cross your mind.

The song is an ultimate romantic number shot in the rural Maharashtra with some real but eye-catchy locations. The song is shot in Mayuresh Pem and Monalisa Bagal. The colorful costumes, the rural scenery and extensive use of slo-motion remind us Sairat songs. The song is composed by AV Prafullchandra and he has sung this song. The tune of the song has a folk music background. However, the lyrics by Mangesh Kangane and the tune fail to capture attention of the audience.  The singer has mispronounced many Marathi words.  

Mayuresh looks like a “mad in love” teenager, however, Monalisa Bagal keeps smiling in each and every frame. She has very cute looks, but that fake smile and constant head nod easily put us off. The film is directed by Anup Jagdale.


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