Prajakta-Bhushan Star in Two Romantic Beauties!

On the occasion of Valentine’s Day Prajakta Mali & Bhushan Pradhan gave us a nice romantic gift through two beautiful songs ‘Pahilya Bheticha’ & ‘Tu Kiti Sunder Distes’. Both these songs are written & composed by Kiran Khot & are part of a musical album ‘Feelings’.

‘Pahilya Bheticha’ is sung by Swapnil Bandodkar & ‘Tu Kiti Sunder Distes’ is voiced by Avadhoot Gupte. Both Prajakta & Bhushan look ravishing in these video songs. Both these songs have gone viral on social media especially because they represent today’s contemporary sensibilities regarding love & romance.

‘Pahilya Bheticha’ focuses on those little moments which one keeps remembering for years as they last as memories of their first meeting with their partner. ‘Tu Kiti Sunder Distes’ is not really a song in the conventional sense, but it’s poetic & shares the feeling of love just like a beautiful romantic song.

‘Feelings’ is a musical album produced under the banner ‘Richmond Entertainment’ & the videos are uploaded on YouTube from the official account of the production house.


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