Prajakta Mali is ‘Nakti’ in Zee’s Naktichya Lagnala Yaycha Ha!

There is famous Marathi proverb ‘Naktichya Lagnala Satrashe Vighna’ which means a person who keeps finding errors in others can never really happy with anything & will constantly be facing obstacles. Zee Marathi’s brand new serial is titled ‘Naktichya Lagnala Yaycha Ha’, which is creative play of words & also a hint about the storyline of this serial.

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Prajakta Mali of ‘Julun Yeti Reshimgathi’ fame stars as ‘Nakti’ in this serial. The first few promos of this serial are out & they suggest a ‘Svayamvar’ like atmosphere in a fun & hysterical way.

Zee Marathi has also initiated a different time slot for two of its new serials ‘Chuk Bhool Dyavi Ghyavi’ & ‘Naktichya Lagnala Yaycha Ha’. Both these serials will be telecasted Wednesday to Friday at 9.30 pm & 10 pm respectively from 18th Jan 2017.

So 2017 is working good for the audiences so far & Zee is responsible for many aspects of it. First with a beautiful hit film like ‘Ti Saddhya Kay Karte’ & now with such unique serials.


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