Dushyant & Maithili’s Valentine’s Special Dance; Star Pravah’s Duheri!

Suparna Shyam & Sanket Pathak - Duheri Serial

Dushyant & Maithili’s love is blossoming slowly & steadily. Their relationship is all set to reach a different peak on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. In today’s episode you can witness their romantic & passionate dance. The teaser video of this dance has gone viral on social media & all ‘Duheri’ fans are excited for the episode!

In this video they are seen dancing on the Bollywood song ‘Mon Amour’. Suparna Shyam aka Maithili is seen wearing a beautiful red dress & Sanket Pathak aka Dushyant is seen wearing a dashing suit!

Sanket & Suparna also communicated with their fans through Facebook Live on the occasion of Valentine’s Day & their fans showered then with lots of love & best wishes. So don’t forget to tune into Star Pravah for Duheri’s Valentine’s special episode tonight at 8:30 pm.


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