Dambrya- Zee Yuva’s new love story in the Prem He Series – Prathamesh Parab & Krutika Deo

Prathamesh Parab & Krutika Deo - Prem He Zee Yuva Serial Dambary Story

Zee Yuva’s new show Prem He has become an immense hit with the audience with just two or three episodes for a love story and fresh casting. Zee Yuva is bringing love stories in its new show “Prem He”, the latest offering stars Prathamesh Parab and Krutika Deo in the lead roles. The show will be telecasting on Zee Yuva on 13 and 14 March at 9 pm.

This is a story of Dambrya, a name given to him because of his dark skin. He is a poor fellow residing in slums. His love interest Monica is from a rich family and career oriented person. These two people are poles apart in every aspect, still the circumstances change and how this different personalities fall in love with each other will be seen in this show. The story is written by Ganesh Pandit and directed by Praveen Parab.


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