Time Please (2013) Marathi Movie

Time Please Lovestory Lagnanantarchi Marathi Movie

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Plot Outline :
Amruta is a bubbly girl of 24 who’s married to Hrishi, a relatively mature man at 30.

She’s lively, while he is composed. She’s loud, he’s subtle. Just after marriage they start to discover the differences between their liking’s, expressions and views.

The real drama starts when Hrishi’s colleague Radhika and Amruta’s childhood buddy Himmatrao come into the picture and with it the game of love, care, transparency, and insecurities start.

How does the couple react under this phase? What do they lose and discover? What do they really understand through these misunderstandings? How do some small moments of truth, faith, anger and realization make huge differences to any relationship?

You’ll experience all this in an extremely entertaining and emotionally stirring film ‘Time Please’. Love Story Lagnanantarchi!

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