Narbachi Wadi | Marathi Movie

Narbachi Wadi a Marathi movie adapted by the famous Bengali play “Shajjano Bagan” by Manoj Mitra

Plot Outline : 
As it is rightly said ‘Facts are stranger than the Fiction’… so true! Otherwise who would believe that a small time farmer with a tiny piece of land can not only survive the wrath of mighty ‘Zhamindaars of the town but make them move like puppets at his will’… unbelievable… yes… but its true and this is the story of ‘ Narba’s’ life!

In his late eighties also he is still fit and fine and fighting with all the mighty big-wigs in the town… his story goes like this so far….

Narbachi Wadi – Marathi Movie Posters/Photos

Narbachi Wadi – Marathi Movie Trailer


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