Investment Marathi Movie Cast Story,Photos

  • Movie : Investment
  • Produced By : Mahadwar
  • Directed By : Ratnakar Matkari , Associate Director Ganesh Matkari
  • Starring : Tushar Dalvi, Supriya Vinod, Sulabha Deshpande, Sanjay Mone, Sandeep Pathak,, Praharsh Naik
  • Written By : Ratnakar Matkari, Based on his novella ‘Investment’
  • Screenplay By : Ratnakar Matkari
  • Release Date : 20th September 2013

Story : ‘INVESTMENT’ is a realistic, socially relevant, hard-hitting Marathi film primarily meant for the urban audience that can identify with its character and the nature of issues dealt within the film.

INVESTMENT tells us the story a typical ‘upwardly mobile’ couple, Aashish, an ambitious young man, about to change his job for joining an American firm and his wife, Prachi, who is encouraging and eager to move into a higher class of society. The couple has a twelve-year old son, Sohel, who is being brought up with much care and with a dream of raising a successful Politian of the Future, a field, which they believe, is promising due to its lucrative opportunities of growth, power and finance. Sohel’s unexpected involvement in a serious crime brings forth the pivotal drama about the state of morality in today’s urban society.

Investment is a directorial debut of Mr. Ratnakar Matkari, a well known name in Marathi literature and Indian theatre.

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