Daptar (2014)

Daptar Marathi Movie

Daptar (2014) Marathi Movie

    • Movie : Daptar (2014)
    • Producer : Prakash Oswal, Abhay kamat, Anjanaa Shah
    • Director : Pundalik Dhumal
    • Studio : Swapnapoorti Creations
    • Star Cast : Tom Alter, Yash Shah, Tanvi Kamat
    • Screenplay & Written By : Pundalik Dhumal
    • Release Date : Jun 20, 2014

Story Outline : Daptar : A film basically conveys a message that schooling does’nt only mean to study, study n keep studying till you get into worries n depression but also feel your child’s emotions and allow them to express and their views into the interest of studying in a joyful way.

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