Spider-Man: Homecoming in Marathi?

What? Our beloved Spider-Man will now speak in Marathi? Yes, at least in the trailer he does! The official Indian trailer of upcoming Marvel’s hollywood movie ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ was recently launched on Sony Pictures India’s official Youtube channel. The trailer has been launched in many Indian languages like Hindi, Kannada, Gujarati, Malayalam, Telegu, Tamil & in Marathi too!

However the film might not be releasing in Marathi or even Kannada, Malayalam & Gujarati. But only in English, Hindi, Tamil & Telegu, though we still can’t rule out the possibility that maybe in the future we can have a television premiere of this film in Marathi.

Spider-Man is a superhero who is loved all over the world, because he’s an underdog a very relatable person to all. This trailer covers the whole journey of Spider-Man from a confused teenager to a responsible adult. You can enjoy this ‘Jabardast’ Spiderman: Homecoming trailer in Marathi here.


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